Our Craftsmanship

Sunrise over Cozumel, Mexico. Photographer Maria Michelle

Manufacturing is always a touchy subject, and many brands don't like to bring it up...

We however think it is what sets us apart from other brands. All of our products are made in America or Mexico.  Nothing we manufacture has ever been shipped by boat to our shores. All of our products are flown to us from Mexico via FedEx, or they are trucked to us from an American manufacturer.

Why Mexico?

Vintage illustration of an old rancher rolling a cigarette. Credit: VintageBlue

Mexico is a country steeped in the tradition of shoe and textile manufacturing. They are the pros when it comes to North America. By manufacturing in Mexico we dramatically reduce our environmental impact by eliminating overseas shipping.

Mexico is also just plain bad ass. We go to Mexico, meet with our factories, discuss our projects, goals ,and ideas. This allows us to develop a line of production which is specifically tailored to our goals and needs.

We know the condition of our factories, we know we are not contaminating the local environment, we know what working conditions are like, and we know we are not producing cheap products that will fail our customers after one season. 

Sunset on the beach in Acapulco, Mexico

Isn't Mexico Scary?

So far so good.... John Walker, the owner and founder of cooks has done quite a bit of traveling and according to him the scariest place he has ever been is his home town of Marietta, South Carolina. 


John Walker on his dirt bike raisin' hell and slingin" mud in his hometown of Marietta, SC.
"When your in Mex you just gotta use your head. Don't be dumb, and definitely don't be dumb after dark. If someone tells you not to go somewhere, don't go there. I love Mexico and I will always look forward to getting to travel there. You won't find better waves or tacos. I have never had any trouble in Mexico."
John Walker





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