Life's a Hurricane. Go Prepared

 The John Walker HURRICANE SERIES; ode to the Modern Outlaw, Wild Child, Explorer, Bandida, Night Owl, Gypsy Women, Old Soul, Hard Rocker, Hot Rodder, Kook, Biker, Mountain Man, Salty Dog, Grease Monkey, Stone Master, or who ever you are. 



We gave up on slacks and dress shoes a long time ago. Swapped them out for flip flops and blue jeans and we never looked back. 

The Hurricane Series is about mud, sweat, salty hair.  Living that best life, the one your school never wanted you to know about.  Back roading into the sunset. 

We aren't very proper around here, and we don't intend to be. Our designs are bold and they can make some people uncomfortable. We aren't shying away from pushing people into designs most brands would be afraid to develop. We aren't going to hide what our products are made of or where they come from. 

We believe in the land, its people, clean water, and closed loop systems. We believe in having fun, all the time, and we produce products that support that.