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From pork chops to flip flops

The Design

All flip, and no flop. 

We were tired of cheap flip flops destined to ‘blow out’ and end up in the landfill. So, we brought the landfill to our shop. We set out to design a flip flop that was tough, durable, and comfortable. By carefully studying many different styles of flops, we engineered a flip flop that will stay firmly planted to your foot. That means there’s no need to hold them in place with your toes, which can quickly cause foot fatigue and stress when wearing them for extended periods. Cooks flips also have snuggly fit straps, which hold the sandal securely in place under any situation. Even in a mud pit.

These unique features mean you can wear a pair of Cooks all day, every day. And with a cushioned heel bed and exaggerated arch support, Cooks flips utilize a "rocker" which ensures a natural, flowing step. COOKS ARE ALL FLIP, AND NO FLOP.