Flip Flop Construction and Long Toe Thongs


     The Original Cooks Flip Flop

     When we set out to make flip flops we started with a foot, not a previously constructed flip flop to build our design from. Flip flops where something we where quite familiar with but we knew they could be better. For the first flip flops we used truck floor mats for outsoles, yoga mats for insoles and cut toe thongs  and side straps from discarded polypropylene bags. Patched these together with a dollar store sewing machine and super glue and the first flip was born.  They where probably the ugliest flip flop ever created but they where amazingly functional and comfortable.  We continued to modify that design by swapping old Carhart pant material for toe thongs, cork for the foot bed, recycled tire for outsoles, firmer arches, and whatever was available to improve on the concept as you can see in the evolution of the flip flop below. 

These first flip flops where surprisingly really comfortable, durable and much more comfortable than any flip flop in our closets. We took the design to as finished and manicured level as possible with our rudimentary tools and we signed up for farmers markets across the state of South Carolina to see how the product was received by the public.  The Original Cooks Flip Flop was well received that first summer and it inspired us to jump into the flip flop business and many of those orginal flip flops are still being worn today. 

Long Toe Thongs      One of the first things people notice about our flip flops is how long to the toe thong is.  This is a very unique design to Cooks flip flops and it serves many purposes but its main goal is to help reduce flop in the flip flop. The long toe thong also ...

  • allows the muscles through out the foot to relax as the toes are not trying to clamp onto the toe thong for support and traction
  • improves agility especially in wet and precarious situations
  • by passes the widest part of the foot while securing the straps closer to the ankle allowing for a more uniform fit for both wide, regular and narrow feet
  • shortens the distance from the heel of the foot to the fulcrum of the flip flop allowing for a huge increase in leverage in situations where the heel of the flip flop may be submerged in sand, mud, or water 

 But don't take our word for it.  Listen to what our friend Dr. Zatcoff had to say about it. 

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