Sizing your Cooks Flip Flops

Picking the perfect size flip flop can be a challenge. However, at Cooks Flips we have some useful suggestions on how you can make sure you’re getting the best sandal fit possible. The first step to getting the correct size is knowing how long your foot is.

Follow these steps to find the right size

Measure your foot. If one foot is slightly longer than the other, measure the longer foot. For the best possible fit, we recommend tracing your foot on a piece of paper and taking the measurements from longest point to point. Now that you have your measurement, in inches preferably, it is time to find the correct size flip flop. We recommend picking the size that will give you the closest to 1-inch additional length when added to the measurement of your foot. What we mean by that is that if your foot measures 11 inches long then ideally you would pick a size that is 12 inches long. The chart below will help explain this. It begins with Men's 13 and runs down through Women's size 6. 

Cooks Flips Size Guide: 

  • Men size 13.        13.50 inches long
  • Men size 12.        12.50 inches long
  • Men size 11.        12 inches long
  • Men size 10.        11.50 inches long
  • Men size 9.          10.75 inches long
  • Men size 8 .         10.50 inches long 
  • Women size 9.     11 inches long
  • Women size 8.     10.50 inches long
  • Women size 7.     10 inches long
  • Women size 6.      9.50 inches long


So let's go over that again but with some examples.

Let's say you usually wear a Men's size 10 shoe and you measure your foot. Your foot measures exactly 10 inches long. To achieve the perfect fit with having as close to 1 inch (+/-) of additional space in the footbed the Men's size 9 would be the perfect fit. A Men's size 10 would give you too much additional space at 1+1/2 inches and the Men's 8 would be too little additional space with only a 1/2 inch of extra room.

Let's say you typically wear a Women's 8 and you measure your foot to be 9 +3/4 inches long. This is a tricky situation as your length foot, when adding 1 inch to the measurement will leave you wondering if you should size up to a Women's 9 or size down to a Women's 8. In this situation, we typically recommend picking the larger size. However, if you are someone who likes a very snug-fitting flip flop with your toes and heel very close to the edge on either end then pick the smaller size. Either of the sizes in this situation will most likely be good fits but as a rule of thumb, we suggest leaning toward the larger size.

What if I have a really wide foot ??

We understand that some people have a very wide foot and that is not a problem at all. Our flip flops are designed with a very long toe thong. This moves the placement of the strap past what we call the Toe Box and moves the straps further up on the foot towards the ankle. This means the straps are not fitting around what is typically the widest part of the foot. If you have a very wide foot you will most likely find that you love the way our flip flops fit you and they will be very nice and snug with little to no flop.

What if I have a really narrow foot ?

The design of our flip flop is intended to fit people as snuggly as possible and with a lengthened toe thong we reduce much of the slop and flopping of traditional flip flops. In the case of a very narrow foot, most people will be surprised at how well the flip flops fit in comparison to what they have experienced with other flip flops. If your feet are narrow and the flip flop is looser than you like, one trick is to get the flip flop wet and let it dry without wearing it. This can help in tightening the straps.


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